Arik Keller's Top 5 Current Grocery Trends

Aug 31, 2021 4:06:06 PM / by Arik Keller posted in food wholesale, sustainable food, data, store owner, Blog, data trends, grocery, emerging brands, snacks, discovery


When I’m not working with my Mable team, I spend time at the small grocery store that I own in Vermont. Chris from the Mable Marketing Department recently asked me, “What grocery trends are you most excited about?” And, it really got me thinking!

There are so many fascinating trends in the grocery space, right now. From consumers championing health-conscious foods, brands and products to the continued (and growing!) popularity of the snack category – it's an exciting time to be able to lean into a slew of great trends.

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Swapping out CLIF BARS to make room for emerging & local brands

Jul 28, 2021 11:39:49 AM / by Arik Keller posted in food wholesale, data, store owner, SKUs, data optimization, Blog, data trends, grocery, emerging brands

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I wanted to make some room for some new bars at my store the other day, so I started to comb through some data. Analyzing velocity and sales data isn’t easy for a lot of us who own stores. While Square is a great POS, their reporting and data is not designed to help stores identify trends. 

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