We must help disruptive food brands & small stores prevail

May 15, 2020 11:14:02 AM / by Arik Keller

I read an article yesterday entitled “Disruptive Food Brands Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine” in the Wall Street Journal. And it got me more fired up about our mission and how we’re working to change the food supply chain..

The article was about consumers returning to old-fashioned (often unhealthy) brands during this crisis. It turns out that ‘challenger brands’, like many brands on Mable, are at a disadvantage as large supermarkets reduce the range of products they carry in order to ensure everyday essentials are in stock. In a recent survey of our smaller retailers,  we learned that many have seen sales rise, but a majority of our emerging brands have seen a decline.



This also isn’t helped by large CPG companies, like PepsiCo, launching direct-to-consumer delivery, including products with ingredients including bleached flour & sodium aluminum phosphate. So we’re seeing this pandemic making unhealthy products even more readily available. 

This only gave me more conviction about our mission at Mable to help retailers, brands, and distributors come together as a community to help compete against the big guys.

It is more important than ever to bring well made, specialty products to consumers. We are what we eat, and eating well during this pandemic can only make us stronger.

We all play an important role in shifting buyer behavior to food & beverage products that are made with better ingredients, closer to home. Let’s not let this pandemic slow us down on our mission to help small grocery stores, emerging brands and regional distributors create an efficient supply chain that changes the landscape of food and makes it easy for consumers to access it.

Arik Keller

Written by Arik Keller