Top 5 Grocery Trends - April Edition

May 4, 2020 12:50:05 PM / by The Mable Team



April was a month that seemed to last a year. As we close the books on this historic month, we look to grocery buying trends to tell the story of buying behavior in the midst of a pandemic, and the creativity it has inspired. Let’s dive in.


Trend #1

Cleansers & Sanitizers


Not surprisingly, our top selling product categories in April were hand sanitizers, soaps and cleansers. With over 15% of Mable brands reporting disruptions to their supply chain due to Covid19, we stand in applause for Mable partners like Pure Energy Apothecary, TriDerma MD, and Beesential for helping our buyers keep these impossible-to-find items in stock at their stores.

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Trend #2

Baking Supplies


Grocery stores are completely cleared out of yeast, flour is no where to be found, and suddenly every person with an instagram account is working on perfecting their sourdough starter (#quarantinebaking). Mable buyers took notice, snatching up baking products to satisfy all tastes, from Keto friendly brownie mix to low carb pizza crusts, and even branching out to give alternative flour blends a try.

Strain on the traditional supply chain has inspired a surge in kitchen creativity. For example, if you can't get your hands on butter, ghee can make an excellent substitute! Whether you're greasing a pan, or mixing in a batter, ghee is a healthy butter alternative with a slightly nutty taste. Feeling inspired? Check out this 5 ingredient recipe for melt in your mouth butter cookies (made with ghee!)

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Trend #3

Classic Snack Combos


Few snack combinations offer the versatility and classic comforts of a great spread of cheese and crackers. This month, we saw buying behavior shift away from new-to-the-scene snacks, back to classic combinations like cheese and crackers, and chips and salsa. Perhaps it's the lure of snacking on the delicious spreads we used to serve our guests before social distancing was the norm. Whatever the reason, we’ve seen a surge in demand for gourmet cheese, cured meats, high quality crackers, tortilla chips, and fancy salsa that the party platter dreams of our futures are made of.

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Trend #4

Immune Boosters & Wellness Aids


Consumers are taking extra precautions with their health in response to Covid19, and the buying trends in April reflect that. Immune Boosters like Annie’s Ginger Elixir saw strong sales in the month. This delicious and good-for-you wellness drink has been making the rounds with nurses at hospitals to help those on the front lines with a much deserved, healthy pick me up. Other trends in wellness include all natural sleep aids, as many Americans report trouble sleeping as a result of the pandemic. 

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Trend #5



According to the market research firm Nielson, sales on alcoholic beverages spiked 55% in the week ending March 21, as a result of shuttered bars and restaurants during the Covid19 outbreak. As customers opt to consumer their cocktails and mocktails at home, tonics, and mixers have become stronger than average sellers on Mable.

It turns out that ordering that perfect Old Fashioned is easy to order, but not as easy to execute. Bartenders are proving to be an innovative and resilient group during the pandemic, quickly pivoting to offer virtual mixology masterclasses, so you can continue to enjoy the bliss of the perfect cocktail in quarantine.

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We want to know what trends you saw in your stores in April. Let us know in the comments!

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