[May 2020 Release Notes] Filter by values, diets, states, and minimums

May 5, 2020 7:07:04 AM / by The Mable Team

Six months ago, we had fewer than fifty brands on Mable. At the time, it was easy enough to browse those brands and their products over the course of a week.

Today, we have hundreds of brands, several thousands of products, and the number continues to grow. Narrowing down to the products that matter is much more difficult!

Enter: filters and categories. Use them to find the products most important for you and your customers.


For example, shop by region, right from your dashboard.

shop by region


Select the categories you want to see

shop by category


Choose the other filters that are important for you and your customers

filter results


And add to cart — who knew we had Grinch-themed whoopie pies!?

add to cart


We have many more improvements planned! If you'd like something, shoot us a message and let us know.

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The Mable Team

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