Mable's Favorite Brands for 2021

Feb 1, 2021 1:44:31 PM / by The Mable Team


There’s a lot to love about working at Mable. We get to help grocers discover amazing new brands for their stores. With so many irresistible brands coming our way, many have made their way into our personal lives. Here are just a few of the brands we’re obsessing over this year.


arik-keller.0c44f58eArik Keller, CEO of Mable & Grocery Store Owner

Arik’s favorite brands are on regular reorder for his store, Paradise Provisions. He’s smitten with his recent discovery of Righteous Felon, a beef jerky company out of Pennsylvania. Arik loves their packaging and the variety of fun flavors their jerky comes in such as Fowl Capone and Victorious B.I.G. According to Arik,

“Customers keep coming back for more. We can't reorder fast enough.”

Arik also really likes 1in6 Snacks, a snack food company in North Carolina. In an effort to cut back on the larger CPG chip brands he carries at his store, Arik started ordering their kettle cooked chips because they are a better made product and you can’t beat flavors like Bee Sting Honey Sriracha and Cozumel Jalapeno Queso. Arik is also a big fan of Vermont based Mocha Joe's Coffee. These coffee veterans have been roasting delicious coffee locally for nearly 30 years and Arik likes that they source their coffee from Costa Rica, Mexico, and Ethiopia in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

Arik's favorite products:


emelie-flessa.19289b1eEmelie Flessa, Customer Success Manager, From Sweden & terrified of cilantro

If you buy or sell on Mable, you probably know Emelie. While ensuring everyone has a smooth experience she learns a lot about our brands and how much our customers love them. One of Emelie’s favorite brands is swedish candy maker, Candy People. Growing up in Sweden, she has always loved candy and thinks that Candy People has some of the best candy out there. Her personal favorites are the Sour Vikings and Melon Logs. According to Emelie, 

“You’ll never want to eat any other sour candy again."

Though she’s never really been a huge fan of cured meats, Utah based Creminelli Fine Meats is a notable exception. She loves how convenient their trays are for snacking as well as building charcuterie boards. Last, but certainly not least, on Emelie’s list is Rose Sisters Chips. This family run company out of Connecticut makes handmade tortilla chips using a recipe that has been in their family for 4 generations. Emelie thinks these chips are amazing and loves how light and crunchy they are.

Emelie's favorite products:


katherine-ghantous.b1170f8cKatherine Ghantous, Account Manager, Loves cooking & hates recipes

Kat is always helping stores discover new products, and more often than not this leads to her discovering new products for herself as well. Kat is a huge fan of Massachusetts based not just co. Their pasta sauce is made with ten veggies and packed with flavor. Kat likes to use it to spice up tacos and enchilada or she’ll simmer it with basil and parsley for a delicious pasta sauce. One brand whose product does not last long in Kat’s house is Kween Granola Butter. This California based brand makes a spreadable granola that can be eaten with a spoon, but Kat finds that it is a great addition for smoothie bowls, english muffins, or spread on top of fruit. As a busy mom, Kat is always looking for a quick protein snack for on the go and Roam Free Ranch is perfect for just that. Their nutrient dense bison jerky comes in delicious flavors, but the Wood Fired Pizza and Thai Chili Ginger are her favorites. Kat also loves that they are small farmers who are working to make a positive impact on the world by using their bison to restore the grasslands on their ranch in Montana.

Katherine's favorite products:


melissa-seresky.360fd320Melissa Seresky, Marketing Manager, Travel rewards maximizer

Melissa is Mable’s dedicated marketing manager for brands, so it’s no surprise she has a few favorites to gush about. As someone who is trying to cut down on single use plastics, Bee’s Wrap’s is the perfect fit for Melissa. This Vermont based company makes a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to traditional plastic wrap that helps Melissa cut down on the amount of plastic she uses in her kitchen. Another favorite of her's is True North Granola. True North has been making delicious and high quality granola for over 3 decades and no matter how much they grow, their granola still like the same homemade granola she loves. Finally, when it comes to artisan pizza crusts, Zeia Foods is one of Melissa’s favorites. Zeia Foods is a small, women owned business that specializes in making delicious gluten free and vegan pizza crusts. Perhaps the best part about Zeia’s crusts is how nice and crispy they come out, because no one likes a soggy crust.

Melissa favorite products:


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